Bull Cult EP

by Bull Cult

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Recorded at the Swanky Manor by Nicholas R. Ischer


released June 6, 2019


all rights reserved



Bull Cult

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Track Name: 40 Years of Futility
Consistently pissed your ideas dismissed, you wish others would listen to you. You can't build consensus with rigid entrenchments, fixed to the fringes like glue. And It's our fault. This world is what we've made. Third party pissants and hardline miscreants consigned to the same song and dance. Purity tests and Robuspierrian jests, more elections pissed straight down your pants.

And everything you have to say has been said. Its all been said before.
And everything you've ever had to say has been said. Its all been said before.
Track Name: Mission Statement
So...middle age hath claimed me and my youthful years are spent. But this aint no midlife crisis or some lame comeback attempt. The old punks always told us we'd ditch the scene and we'd disappear. "Hardcore chews through the best-intentioned youth" and we'd all be gone in a couple years. So what? I got a real job. So what? I got two kids. We might be over the hill and buried in bills, but we still love this shit.

Aus Rotten said we'd be trapped and we'd forget for what we stood. As though selling out was synonymous with reaching adulthood. But they were wrong - I never wavered. I still like my music fast. Chainsaw riffs; blastbeat thrash; 7 inches with 20 tracks. So what? I got an IRA. So what? I own a biz. Hair turning gray; 401k but we still love this shit. So what? I got a house and dog. So what? I got a wife.
It's been 25 years and we're still here and we're still punk for life.
Track Name: Transmogrify
I turn my time into pay. I turn my pay into bills. I turn my pay into food. All my food turns to poop. So in the end, I'm turning my life into crap.
(thanks to Threatener for the riff)
Track Name: Dispatches from the Bottom of the Ponzi Scheme
Four decades of kicking the can and sticking us with the tab. They're toking them tax cuts while we hold the bag. Today's lesson: elections have consequences. Today's featured story is...

Those senior homestead property tax exemptions are starving universities and forcing up tuition. Public pension spiking; early retirements backed by constitutionally-guaranteed cost of living adjustments.

Track Name: Bury Your Id
Getting what you want often means you're not proving to others that you're right. Solving all your problems and getting your outcome means avoiding the impulse to fight. So be right or get what you want.
Bury your id.
Knuckle dragging style & acting tough defies consensus; just let them save face. It's what you take away at end of the day that determines whose winning the race.
Track Name: The Sickest Joke
Time is a river and it's wide at the start. But it narrows as you get older. And with age, the river moves faster and faster. And its the sickest joke. You're here and then in a blink you're gone.

Long held ambitions eventually crumble to dust. Your motivation withers
down to rote obligations. And its the sickest joke. The sun still rises when you're gone.

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